We afford great value to the machine tool sector through a portfolio of simple solutions geared towards the complex market needs. Solutions based on a robust and tested technology, that is easy to use and flexible, always with the user in mind.



Precise, rigorous and simple. With no superfluous elements and with application guarantee.


Focused on the user’s experience and with the possibility of monitoring data in real time.


We are hyper-specialised in high added value niche sectors where the solutions to be developed are critical.


We keep ahead by offering highly sophisticated pre-configuration models geared towards critical applications.


We develop disruptive transformation models and new business models based on the transfer of knowledge.


We introduce value by committing to models in which we collaborate with different key players and developing partnership strategies with leading customers in their sectors.


We deliver long-term support to our customers: we identify the best solution, we advise them and develop R&D projects with them, with fast speed of response.

The brands that make up MAHER HOLDING

The collective capacities of our 4 product brands and 2 service brands focus on offering a high degree of specialisation in high added value niche sectors that demand hyper technological specialisation and readiness in the design and implementation of innovative business models.

Innovation for the market

These models, geared both towards the market by means of own service, collaboration and customer training models, and inside each one of the business units, position us as a pioneer group in the design of new engineering and disruptive transformation techniques.

Geared towards the customers’ needs

Our customers, with whom we develop R&D projects and maintain long-standing professional relationships, are the best guarantee, showing not only our extensive technological know-how on the market but also our great service, support and response capacity.




Specialists in the design and manufacture of lathes with an extensive range of devices and multi-process machines.

Our lathes


We design solutions with a creative technological mindset, giving rise to sophisticated, reliable and highly profitable milling machines.

Our milling machines


Highly automated machines able to carry out multiple machining operations with CNC (numerical control), highlighting its production speed as an advantage.

Our machining centres


Pioneers. 1st metal additive manufacturing machine with WAAM (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing) technology.

Experts in high filler rate additive manufacturing processes, by means of arc welding and thread filler technologies.

Additive manufacturing

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Customer service

  • asesoramiento-comercial

    Commercial advisory service

    We provide a call and ONLINE advisory service to adapt our customers’ requests and needs to our product range. We also provide in-house advice at the customer’s facilities so that we can advise on the most adequate product in agreement with their working method.

  • formación


    The customer maintenance training provides personnel with detailed mechanical and electrical training to guarantee that all the machines consistently work at the highest performance and safety level.

Service products

  • asistencia-técnica

    Technical support

    An effective solution in the least possible time is the objective of our Technical Support Service (S.A.T.).

    To this end, we have professional agents and technicians on the five continents, thus enabling us to provide the solution to each situation as quickly as possible, travelling to the customer’s facilities whenever necessary.

  • gestión-de-repuestos

    Spare parts management

    Given the importance of spare parts due to the prolonged life cycle of our machines, we offer all kinds of spares (both under guarantee and in the event of breakdowns) for the entire product range. We can even provide spares for machines made at the beginning of the 70s.

  • puesta-en-marcha-y-mantenimiento

    Start-up and maintenance

    Our team of specialised technicians offers the start-up service at the customer’s facilities, guaranteeing the correct and optimal operation of our products, as well as standard or tailored maintenance, depending on the customer’s requests.

  • verificación-y-calibración

    Verification and calibration

    For optimal availability of our machines at any moment during their life cycle, our highly qualified technicians offer the “tuning” service to thus be able to maintain our machines in practically the same working conditions as the day they left the factory.

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