Since 1974

Sales leader in domestic market, hand in hand with manufacturers and especially with the import and sale of high-tech machinery.

Domestic sales: 37 M €

Great international implantation of its manufacturing subsidiaries.

Subsidiaries: Italia, China, Rusia, India.

Export level: 71%

Turnover: 70 M €

Manufacturing subsidiaries: 45 M €.

Service sudsidiaries: 25 M €.

Staff: 250



Staff: 19%

of the people involved in R&D&I activities.

Resources: 7,5%

of turnover allocated to research activities.

Projects: 7

No. of active projects during 2019.

Approved budget: 1,7 M €.


Development of high value-added components through WAAM additive manufacturing for validation in high-demand industrial sector demonstrators. SPRI, Business Development Agency of the Basque Government.


Ecodesign project for a comparative study of the environmental impact of WAAM Technology vs. conventional machining in titanium aeronautical parts. IHOBE, public society of environmental management of the Basque Government.


In collaboration with GKN, project for the development of an intelligent tool for the interior profiling of aircraft turbine shafts. European Commission.


Project in collaboration with ITP-AERO for the optimisation of manufacturing technologies for aeronautical turbines exposed to high temperatures. SPRI, Business Development Agency of the Basque Government.


Together with TEKNIKER technology centre, development of new products and integration of 4.0 technologies for three GEMINIS product lines. CDTI, Centre for Industrial Technological Development.


Development of intelligent surveillance and automatic correction equipment for the operational phase of high-performance milling machines. SPRI, Business Development Agency of the Basque Government.